About Us

Vision Statement

Learning Through Caring ~ For Ourselves, Each Other, & Our Earth

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of the Preschool program is:

1. To offer an active preschool educational experience for children ages 3 through 5 years, where growth is promoted in four specific areas: cognitive development, social/emotional development, creative expression, and physical development;

2. To help children become aware of their special abilities and individual worth as human beings;

3. To encourage self-confidence and channel a child’s curiosity and energies into meaningful activities; and

4. To foster friendships, partnerships, and social development among children, program staff, families, and the community through humility, respect, sharing, caring, and a sense of humor.

Our Approach

We take a play-based, center-based approach to teaching, where children are provided with a wide variety of materials, opportunities, and experiences through which to explore, experiment, create and discover.  At times, we guide the children in long term, hands-on investigations and projects based on topics that they show a keen interest in.  We encourage children to deepen their innate connection to nature through our new Nature Classroom.  We also incorporate aspects of mindfulness to our daily experiences to help develop children’s self-awareness and help them learn to cope with stress.  We also offer supplemental music, gymnastics, science, and yoga classes as part of our school-wide curriculum.