Open Enrollment Open House

Would you like to have a tour of our preschool?

Open House dates:

Thursday, October 5th  9:45 AM

Thursday, October 12th  9:45 AM & 7 PM

RSVP:  Melanie Garnett, Preschool Administrative Assistant

(203) 637-5430 or

please indicate which date/time you would like to attend.

**If none of the above dates/times are convenient, alternate appointments can be arranged for mutually convenient times.  Please contact us for an appointment.


Lottery Process & Policy

First Church Preschool will conduct an annual Open Enrollment period during which interested parties will be able to submit enrollment applications for placement in programs of their choice.  In the event that there are more applicants than there are available spots for a particular program, then a lottery process will be conducted amongst those interested in a placement within that program.  The procedure for the lottery will be as follows:

Priority placements are given in the following order:

  1. Current, active members of the First Congregational Church (our sponsor) – membership is defined and confirmed by the First Congregational Church
  2. Current students whose accounts are in good standing
  3. Siblings of current students whose accounts are in good standing
  4. Alumnae families of First Church Preschool (with a gap of no more than 5 years since the last child attended)
  5. General public

Priority placements are determined in the order listed above amongst the applicants for the given program first.  As the priority placements are ascertained, if any open spots remain, those applicants who have not yet been granted a spot will then be assigned a random number for the purpose of conducting the lottery.  Each individual number assigned to each applicant will be written on a separate slip of paper and then put into a container for selection.  A person who is not a member of the First Church Preschool staff will be assigned to drawing the slips of paper with the numbers on them from the container.  As each number is drawn, the corresponding application is assigned to the next available spot in the program.  Drawing of the numbers continues until all the slips of paper have been picked and every applicant has been assigned a spot either within the program, or, once the available slots are accounted for, then on the waitlist for that program.  All applicants are assigned spots in the order in which their number was drawn. Hence, once a program reaches capacity, the next number drawn will receive the first spot on the waitlist for the program, and the next number drawn will receive the second spot on the waitlist, and so on.

If a child receives a spot on the waitlist for the first-choice program, he or she will still then be considered for a spot within their second-choice program.  If the second-choice program presents a situation where a lottery must be conducted, then the same procedures described above will ensue.

In the case of multiple children from a single family who are registering to attend concurrently but within different programs, all of the children will be placed in a concurrent program time (AM or PM) whether or not a lottery situation is needed for any of the children’s first choice programs.  This is done in an effort to avoid logistical problems for these families.

In the case of multiple children from a single family who are registering to attend concurrently within the same program (e.g. twins, step-siblings), an application will be submitted for EACH child and, therefore, each child will be assigned a unique number in the lottery process.  If one of the children is selected in the last available spot for the program and the other siblings have not yet been selected, then all the siblings will be waitlisted in the first spots. Another number will be drawn for the last available spot in the program. This is done in an effort not to separate the siblings and create logistical problems for their families.

Results will be disbursed to all applicants within 2 business days of the lottery.  Applicants will have the option to accept or decline the spots they have been granted.

**Please direct any questions regarding the lottery process to Melanie Garnett, the Preschool Administrative Assistant. She can be reached at (203) 637-5430 or