Afters Program – for both 3’s and 4’s

The Afters Program provides children who attend a morning preschool program the opportunity to extend the preschool day to 1:55 pm.  They first enjoy a lunch brought from home, then engage in a variety of enrichment activities, including additional outdoor play or gym time.  The Afters Program begins in mid-September and runs until the week before the end of the school year, without interruption.  The Afters Program is structured into 4 consecutive sessions which run 8 or 9 weeks in length.  With each session, families have the opportunity to enroll their child to participate in the Afters Program for any given days that best suit their schedule.  To allow for even further flexibility in scheduling, children may also participate in the Afters Program on a drop-in basis, as long as there are spaces available.  Families must check with the office first to arrange for their child to drop-in an Afters class.

When bringing a lunch from home for the Afters Program, please remember we are a nut-free program.   Lunches may not contain items with peanuts or peanut products, and no tree nuts.