Add-On Program Offerings at FCP


We are excited to be able to offer add-on programs again this year!  

Who can attend? Any FCP enrolled child who is 3, 4 or 5 years old.  

What are the times? Lunch Bunch is 12 – 2pm; Playmore is 2 – 4pm. A child must be enrolled in our regular program until 2 pm or in the Lunch Bunch program on the day they are staying for Playmore. A child may not be picked up before an add-on program, then brought back to school for the program. Once a child goes home, they cannot return to school. Any 4’s child who normally dismisses at 12pm but enrolled for Lunch Bunch until 2pm will stay in their classroom to be dismissed at 2pm.  

What are the dates? These programs are available on all dates the school open. 

How do you register? All registration will be done through a Brightwheel application. The application link is and will also be located on our website permanently for easy access.  

Applications are accepted on a first-come basis. If we have space for your child on the requested day, you will receive an email through Brightwheel requesting prepayment. Payment details are below. If we do not have space, you will receive an email from an administrator. 

The programs:

Lunch Bunch from 12:00-2:00 – Children will bring lunch from home and enjoy social interactions in a “Family Style” lunch period.

Playmore from 2:00-4:00 – Children will bring an additional snack.

These two programs are a great way to extend your child’s learning. Each day your child will be immersed in a different learning experience to further their developmental growth. We will dive deeper into the eight CT Early Learning Development Domains. This is a perfect opportunity to extend your child’s learning with their friends.

Registration / Program / Payment Details:  

Lunch Bunch 12 – 2pm 

$40/day drop in 

$35/day advance/monthly 

Playmore 2 – 4pm 

$40/day drop in 

$35/day advance/monthly 


Lunch Bunch & Playmore 12 – 4pm

$75/day drop in 

$60/day advance/monthly 


In order to qualify for the advanced monthly discount for any program, your child must be registered for at least 3 days a week for the entire month. If registering for less than 3 days a week for the month, you will be charged the daily drop-in rate. Monthly discount applications must be received by the 15th of the month prior (except for October’s registration – we will accept monthly applications through September 21 due to the launch of the programs). All registrations are on a first-come basis. Payments for the monthly discount must be received via Brightwheel bank-to-bank by the last Friday (12pm) of the month prior. If payment is not made, your child’s spot will be given to a drop-in.  

For daily “drop-in” registration, all applications must be received by the Thursday prior by 12 noon via Brightwheel. We will not accept any applications during the week or day of. The reason is that FCP needs to coordinate and ensure we have enough staffing for the programs to keep in state required ratios. Payments must be made by the Friday by 12 noon prior to the drop-in week through Brightwheel bank-to-bank. If payment is not made, your child’s spot will be given to another drop-in. 

We will not accept any applications over the phone, through Brightwheel messaging or through email. All applications must be done via the Brightwheel application link located on our website.  

Date changes will not be accepted once payments are made. We do not offer cancelations or refunds on the add-on programs.