“My daughter has been enrolled in the summer program. We have been so happy with the program and all the teachers. My daughter has some extra health challenges and First Church welcomed her with open arms and worked with us to make sure my daughter had a the full camp experience. She loved going to camp and was so sad to get to the last day.  We are so grateful to the entire staff. I have always heard great things about this program and it lived up to the compliments!”

Emily K.


“We love this camp! My son is 3 years old and has never been to camp or even been to an every day program – so I was a little nervous sending him. It’s an AMAZING camp. He’s having so much fun – he even asks to stay for longer days and have lunch. The teachers are so kind and patient and do lots of activities – outside play, sprinklers, arts and crafts, snacks, stories and songs. They even have theme days – ice cream truck, bouncy castle, mud day, teddy bear day, etc. I feel very comfortable when he’s in camp and am not worried about him at all. We will definitely come again next year – we are having a wonderful time. You can tell administration works very hard to make for a great experience. Thank you so much!!”

Carol R.


“FCP is a fantastic community filled with amazing teachers and staff! From the students to their parents, everyone has been so welcoming and friendly. You definitely have the community and warm family feel as soon as you walk onto the campus!! Thank you FCP!!”

Amanda P.


“First Church Preschool has been amazing for our family. We moved to the area in September and are so happy that out of all the preschools we looked into, we chose First Church. School had already begun when our daughter seamlessly integrated into her class in the Rainbow Door. The teachers and staff made everything easy and our daughter was instantly happy and felt so welcomed on her first day. Since then, she has blossomed, the teachers approach to learning is hands-on, the children investigate, create and think out of the box. Every day our daughter comes home excited to share what she has learned. On top of all the wonderful learning, the children have additional Yoga, Music, Spanish and Science classes. There is always a new exciting learning experience including animal visits and field trips to Binney Park. Our daughter will surely miss First Church Preschool when she moves on to Kindergarten, however, she will be more than prepared for elementary school! Thanks, First Church Preschool!”

Laura E.


“I love First Church Preschool for many reasons. The school whole-heartedly stands up to its motto – “learning through caring – for ourselves, each other and our earth.” Two of our children (and soon our third) have attended the school and i have been very impressed with the growth and development the school has fostered in both of our children. My daughter comes home genuinely excited to tell me what she has done that day, and as a parent, it is a joy to witness. The Director, Administrative Assistant, teachers and staff are all top notch. I give my highest recommendation.”

Clare J.


“My son has had a wonderful 2 years at First Church Preschool. He has made some great friends and actually gets sad during breaks because he doesn’t get to go to school! They focus on play-based learning so he is learning social skills, independence, motor skills, etc (and thus ultimately to read and write) naturally without specifically being taught. The teachers are warm and caring. “

Liz C.


“My son has attended First Church Preschool for two years now and we love it. We were particularly drawn to the outdoor classroom which allows the students to emerge themselves outside in free play. The teachers have been great and the principal Darla and administration is particularly wonderful – they are always so helpful and considerate of the parent’s needs, for example they have a car drop off service in the AM that is so convenient.”

Kylie W.


“We love First Church Preschool! My son had a great year here in their pre-k program, after transferring from another school. I loved the teachers, the parents and the atmosphere they created. So we decided to send our younger son there as well. This is his second year and he is loving it and doing so well. The natures classroom is the best! I love how much they are outside and not swinging but using their hands and imaginations to dig and build and play. He also loves their science program (RadLab), learning Spanish words, doing yoga, the many craft projects, and we all love the flexibility to add on hours when needed. I would highly recommend First Church to anyone looking for a nurturing and creative place to send your child. The staff is great and the families are lovely. You will feel right at home!”

Steviann M.


“First Church has incredible teachers who are so warm and welcoming. The curriculum is varied and always fun, and our daughter loves spending time outdoors each day in the wonderful nature classroom.”

Geraldine P.


“I love First Church Preschool because it has been a very warm and nurturing environment for my daughter. She has not only learned to socialize and interact with others but has also learned so much about the world around her. The teachers make such an effort to find learning opportunities for the kids. The school staff is always so helpful and accommodating. I highly recommend First Church Preschool.”

Louisa L.


“First Church Preschool has been exactly what I believe preschool should be – warm, accepting and a place where young children can explore their independence and nurture their curiosity for the world outside of home. The staff has been exceptional. They are truly focused on the families and making this the best experience for everyone. Darla and Melanie go out of their ways to make sure everyone’s needs are desires are met and they truly care about each and every one of the FCP children. We have been a part of the FCP community for 5 years with my youngest graduating this spring, I will genuinely miss everyone in this loving and supportive community. Thank you, FCP for helping to build a solid foundation for my children’s love of school!”

Lauran W.


“First Church Preschool has been a wonderful resource for my son, Adam! He loves the after school program where he can unwind after his school day bu also engage with his classmates and socialize. Darla is warm, nurturing and highly interactive with the kids! IT’s a one of a kind program where I can see he’s flourished socially and really come out of his shell. The administrators are responsive and flexible and I can’t wait to re-enroll him in their summer/fall programs.”

Erin O.