Folks have some nice things to say about First Church Preschool!

“Our son had a wonderful year in the (Pre-K Program) at First Church.  We really feel that he thrived with such excellent teachers and a warm, nurturing environment.  He formed great friendships and gained confidence.  He entered kindergarten with enthusiasm and a passion for learning.  The Pre-K Program truly helped  him grow into a self-assured kindergartner, which is exactly what we’d hoped for.” — Stephanie M.

“When we came to First Church, my hope was to have found a creative, nurturing program where the kids could have fun while learning.  The program has far exceeded my expectations!  At First Church, the teaching is project/theme based, where the kids are involved in every phase.  My kids look forward to school every day!”  — Jennifer L.

“I have been meaning to let you know how impressed I have been with how you run the preschool and the things you organize for the children and parents.  My daughter is absolutely loving the Music Together sessions and the gym. We are all enjoying the Music Together App at home, and I can see how her sense of rhythm and enjoyment of music has developed.  It is so much fun too!  And I love the fact that you get her outside to play creatively in the Nature Classroom for such a long period of time every day.  The booklet that came home about the value of children playing outdoors and being allowed their own space to explore and play was really inspiring and I am trying to get the kids out into our own garden more regularly. I appreciate the extra time and effort this takes you and the other teachers, and I wanted to let you know that it is very much appreciated. There are so many big and small things you do to make the preschool really special! But I just wanted to let you know that your efforts are hugely appreciated.”  — Anne H.

“I wanted to let you know how pleased Chris and I were with our daughter having the opportunity of learning from their teachers Mrs. Fernando and Mrs. Mozian.  She loves her teachers very much and seemed to enjoy the many areas of the classroom setting.  In particular, she focused on learning to write on her own and wanting to play around with and learn her numbers.  She has enjoyed playing outdoors everyday and was very excited to see the new “planting station” in the Nature Classroom!  She expressed great enthusiasm when the teachers allowed the class to have “snack time” outdoors as well!”

“It has been a very fun year and our daughter has broken out of her shell of shyness and has become more confident in her ability to express her feelings and experiences.”

“Thank you for the many wonderful years of assisting in and nurturing our two girls through their path to socialization and learning!!  We thank all the outstanding teachers that are at First Church preschool and it will always have my highest recommendation.” — Shawna A.

“I wanted to share with you the feedback on the 2s program as it’s the first year that we’ve been part of it.  The curriculum developed by the teachers was absolutely above and beyond my expectations! It’s impressive how much my son has learned and grown thanks to the activities that Mrs. I and Mrs. Jackson have developed.  I was so impressed that they had such diverse and rich projects planned every single day for children and ready to start right at the drop off time, fully focused on children.  He can count, knows tons of songs that class teachers taught him, plays brilliantly with his peers, developed great social skills, knows colors, shapes and patterns, weather patterns, how plants grow and so much more that I would not expect from a 2-3 year old, all thanks to his teachers!”

“My son is not very easy in terms of separation from me, but both Mrs. I and Mrs. Jackson have become his absolute favorite people.  You have an amazing combination of those 2 teachers, they complement each other so well and create a wonderful, enriching, nurturing and fun atmosphere for children.  We’ve never been in the 3s program at First Church, but based on the experience in 2s, I’m hoping that the experience will be similar and looking forward to him joining the 3s program!” — Keti R.