Our Mission Statement

Learning Through Caring ~ For Ourselves, Each Other & Our Earth

We believe that children learn best through supportive environments and caring relationships, and that caring communities are intentionally built. We provide playful opportunities that focus on helping children learn to care for themselves, others, and the natural world.

Children learn to care for themselves and their own learning through in-depth studies on topics that pique their curiosity and interests. Teachers encourage and support children’s own questions and enthusiasm for topics of interest by facilitating sustained projects relevant to the subject.  Families can also become involved by sharing skills and knowledge on a topic of interest the children are studying, or by helping organize field trips, providing special materials, or bringing in guest experts on the theme.

We teach mindfulness techniques through deep breathing, developing sensory awareness, and yoga, to further children’s self-knowledge. They learn critical life skills for self-soothing, self-regulation, self-awareness, and sustained attention. These competencies enhance their brain and body wellness, and, thus, their cognition, as well as their capacity for empathy.

Our focus on supporting children’s social and emotional intelligence furthers their self-knowledge, as well as provides insights for caring for and respecting others. We embrace the diversity that is reflected through our caring community and use it as a means for developing deeper understandings of ourselves and one another. We undertake various school-wide service projects, such as food, coat, and diaper collection drives that benefit local agencies, to encourage children’s sense of their place in the world and the contributions they can make within their community.

Our Nature Classroom provides endless opportunities for exploration and discovery of the wonders of the natural world. Children spend ample time on the Nature Classroom each day, experiencing a variety of weather and seasonal conditions, building connections with nature, and reaping the multitude of benefits from nature’s mind, body, and sensory stimulations.

We welcome you to become part of our caring community at First Church Preschool!

Be safe, be well, be happy,

Jennifer DiCarlo